Our Mission


We are all lovers of food. We love the convenience, the flavors, and the culture. Our generations are separated by X,Y, and Z but we all come together as the Snack Club.

We are fast food workers sharing snacks for everyone to enjoy.

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We are content creators to help spread the word of new snack collages and what's hot.

We are blue and white collar workers trying to snack to get the best bang for our buck.

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We love free food and discounts, no matter how much money we have.

You will leave this website with more knowledge than when you first visited. And if you join the newsletter and the club, you’ll earn your stripes as a Snack Club member.

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Welcome to the Club.

-Kory Alden

Frequently Asked Questions

The Snack Club is a fast food community of foodies, fast food workers, and all lovers of snacks. The Club community has over 150,000 members in a Facebook Group and officially started on March 2023.

Membership to the Snack Club is 100% free. There is no cost to join the newsletter or be a part of the community.

Yes. The Snack Club is a private Facebook Group of 150,000 members and growing. The club is filled with fast food recipes, snacks, anonymous secrets from food employees, and discussions about upcoming new food releases.  The company was originally called the Fast Food Secrets Club, however the company is much more than secrets and is everything you love (and hate) about fast food.

To join the Snack Club, enter your email on our website to get started. We’ll send you a welcome email filled with free gifts and links to either our Snack Club Facebook Group or Discord Group.

The official Facebook Group for the Snack Club was created by Kory Alden on March 19, 2023 to build a public community for fast food lovers.   To date the group has over 150,000 members with more than 30 posts per day with recipes, ‘Ask Me Anything’ from anonymous employees, and coupons or deals.

The Snack Club team loves to eat, however all of the reviews and news are not sponsored, and providing free products does not guarantee a favorable review. We will disclose to our readers when a free product given and we will also mark a sponsored post as ‘sponsored’.